Other Murals

Other Murals

Urban Murals

Historical architectural murals aim for revitalization, social reconciliation, and tourist attraction to specific city neighbourhoods.

Commercial Murals

These types of murals are made in the image of all sorts of businesses and companies, with their products or services.

Decorative Thematic Murals

Creation of various atmospheric murals. Artistic murals are created according to the tastes of the client; residential or for private/public businesses.

Accessory Decorative Murals

Architectural ornamental murals. Decorative themes are created in the workshop and murals are affixed to interior or exterior walls; for private or commercial clients.


Interactive Murals

Interactive murals are embellished with tactile elements and magnetized objects that allow for the practice of prescribed activities. For clients with specific needs, for example children or individuals with impaired mobility. These are motivating and provide incentive for rehabilitation.

Museum Murals

Creation of thematic mural paintings for exposition, scene painting of all kinds, realist photography, various decors.


Murales muséales

Réalisation de peintures murales thématique exposition, traitement en tout genre scénographique, photo réaliste, décor.

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