Our Team

Our Team

raphaelle couombe-allie

Raphaelle Coulombe-Allie

This mural painter has been a member of MURIRS since 2005. She holds a Bachelor’s in Visual and Media Arts from the Université de Québec à Montréal and is an experienced photographer. She was also the 2007 winner of the “First Art” regional Bank of Montreal scholarship.

Denis Jacques

A portraitist since 1980, Denis Jacques is especially recognized for the quality and realism of his portraits. He has been called on by MURIRS since 2003 as an artistic painter and portraitist. In addition to being a master portraitist and pastel artist and having received many prizes across both Quebec and Canada, he has been directing and teaching at the Académie Portrait International since 1988.

Pierre Laforest

After finishing his studies in Visual Arts at the Université Laval, Pierre Laforest completed his training in Florence, where he mastered painting and drawing techniques. In 1999, he was chosen to go to Lyon as part of a practical training program in mural painting and participated in the « Fresque des Québécois ». Thereafter, he took part in initiating the pillars project in Quebec City. Since then, he has participated in the creation of most of the murals in the Quebec region. It is since 2012 that he participates in M.U.R.I.R.S.’s projects.

Serge Malenfant

Founder, President, and Coordinator of the M.U.R.I.R.S. organization, artistic painter, illustrator, stage designer, and mural painter, Serge Malenfant is a native of Sherbrooke with a passion for local history. In 1997, his desire to paint exceeded the canvas and he sought to bring colour to his environment, to collective living space. This is his vision of the function of art and murals. His enthusiasm and strong determination for realizing a challenging large-scale artistic and historical mural project has never ceased to propel him. This adventure thus allows him to marry his twin passions for art and history.

Martine Ménard

A graduate from Concordia University in Studio Arts and Art History, she works as a muralist since 2013. She is also a portrait painter and has been participating in a variety of art shows in the Eastern Townships since 2011.

Mylène Moliner-Roy

Trainee en 2012 and 2014, she is a student in Architecture.

Lara Poulin

Mural Artist since 2006. She received her diploma in Photography in 2001. In 2006, she founded, with her associate Élise Brault,Les murs animés, a business in mural painting. While working with Les murs animés, she designed mainly interior murals in multiple businesses, hospitals and for many individuals. In 2013, she joined the M.U.R.I.R.S. team.



Mural Artist since 2011 and member of the Portrait Society of Canada, of ASFA and of IQ, Sybiline works, among other things, as a portrait painter and illustrator for a variety of clients, mainly in the publishing sector. Awarded many honours such as « Best in Show » at the World Science Fiction Convention in 2009, it is possible to admire her works in many galleries, conventions and events.

Board of Directors

Jean-Louis Blanchette
Coordinator CRÉ natural resources and the territory (Administrator)

Marie-Claude Gaudreau
Lawyer (Secretary)

Gaston Leroux
Governmental Relations Advisor (Administrator)

Serge Malenfant
Mural Painter (Founding President)

Valéry Martin
Referring Agent (Administrator)

Mélanie Goulet
Organisatrice d’événements (administratrice)

Julie Tremblay
Chartered Accountant (Treasurer)

Francois Thomas
Town planner (Administrator)

Tactician Team Members

Claude Lévesque
Communications Consultant, participant since 2002


Previous Participants

Annie Bilodeau 
Participating Artist, 2002-2010
Raymond Laperrière 
Participating Artist, 2002-2003
Gabye Roy 
Participating Artist, 2003-2005
Luc Beaudoin 
Participating Artist, 2003-2010
Ève Leblond 
Participating Artist, 2002-2005
Richard St-François 
Participating Artist, 2004
Simon Durocher 
Participating Artist, 2002-2003
Carole Moisan 
Participating Artist, 2003-2008
Gabriella Sanchez 
Participating Artist, 2005-2006
Geneviève Gendron 
Participating Artist, 2004-2007
Guillaume Rancourt 
Participating Artist, 2004-2006 
Éric Trudelle 
Participating Artist, 2007
Danny Ferland 
Participating Artist, 2010-2011
Bruno Rathbone 
Participating Artist, 2005 
Odile Richer 
Participating Artist, 2010-2011
Hélène Fleury 
Artistic director, 2002-2003  
Participating Artist, 2002-2005 
Véronique Boislard 
Participating Artist, 2004-2011 
Saïda Tremblay
Participating Artist, 2005-2006  
Émile Poissant 
Trainee 2012 et 2013
Jonathan Cloutier 
Trainee 2013 
Steve Saint-Pierre 
Participating Artist, 2012 
Geneviève Reesör 
Participating Artist, 2003 à 2013 
Gabriel Aubert Gosselin 
Participating Artist, 2003 à 2013

Previous Teammate

Richard Bérubé 
Development Officer, 2005
Sébastien Dubois 
Video Producer, 2003
Alain Paquet 
Technological Consultant and Graphic Artist, 2003-2006
Jean Chenay 
Development Officer, 2002
Diane Gadoua 
Administrative Assistant, 2005-2006
Estella Poso 
Researcher, 2003
Réjean Daoust 
General Worker, 2004
Liliana Laserna 
Researcher, 2003-2004
Anne Lockquell 
Graphic Artist, 2003-2005
Clément Drolet 
Marketing and communications director 2013 

Previous Administrators

Gaétan Drouin
Marc Dufour
Bruno Pettruci
Sébastien Duchesne
Nicole Berthiaume
Human Resources Advisor
Mario Santerre
Executive Director of Télé-Québec
Gilles Marcoux
Executive Director, la Corporation de développement du centre ville de Sherbrooke
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