Creating a Mural

Creating a Mural

How are murals created? The process may seem simple, but this is rarely the case. There is much more involved than applying paint to a wall; creating a mural in fact requires nearly one year’s work before actual painting can begin.

Before a wall can be chosen, an involved technical analysis must be carried out. The wall’s building materials must be studied in order to determine its overall structure and condition.

The future mural’s content is in fact governed by the size, architecture, history, and environment of the chosen wall.

In addition to obtaining budget evaluations, legal authorization, agreements with partners and subcontractors, a historical research process must be undertaken. Research related to architectural details, reference documents and photographs, and period items (such as clothing and accessories) is essential.

At the same time, detailed and life-sized sketches must be produced. These sketches play a vital role in creating the artwork.

Only when all of these steps are completed can the colors, passion, and hard work finally come together in the actual process of creation.

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